Nancy Wisti Grayson

My studio has been a platform to create narrative histories about the transient nature of time, landscape, memory, discovery and acquisition. The works on paper and sculptural paintings reference remembered or imagined fragments of architectural pieces and natural objects, creating a fabricated archaeology.

With the sculptural paintings, grout and recycled styrofoam are used as a base to create the layered and manipulated painted surfaces. The constructed rocks and artifacts, play off transience and imperfections, intimacy and discovery and bring attention to the cast aside. The painted works on paper are recordings of imagined fresco or fragmented images. I’m interested in how an artifact shows us not only what is, but also the possibility of what might have been. There is a beauty of interwoven memories/histories and the sense of discovery and possibilities. The graphite drawings are postcard size mementoes or “field studies” of actual found items - usually rocks. They are two dimensional representations of actual rocks that exist and the sculptural paintings of rocks are three dimensional and imagined versions of rocks. The pieces have a sense of play, reframing beliefs through questioning of assumptions about what’s real and what’s an image of reality.